Aircraft Painting & Interior Restoration Services

Aircraft Exterior Painting


Great Aircraft exterior painting and refurbishment must not only look great, but must stand the test of time. At Flex Aero Painting, we use only top quality, proven products and spare no steps to ensure your aircraft receives “the best” paint job – we guarantee it!


Flex Aero’s aircraft painting process incorporates our 334-point checklist. The first step is to do a thorough inspection of the aircraft. Once all cosmetic and mechanical problems have been noted and provided to the customer for review the sensitive parts of the aircraft including flight controls are removed or protected with aluminum and plastic sheeting, then a non-acidic, environmentally friendly chemical stripper is applied.


After the aircraft is stripped of all exterior paint, cosmetic flaws are removed and corrosion control begins. Next, a three-step process begins with another hand washing. This time an alkaline soap is used to ensure a clean start, then a chemical etch is applied to all aluminum surfaces. Lastly, the aluminum surfaces are treated with alodine. Alodine reacts with the metal of your airplane, creating a layer of aluminum oxide. This conversion to aluminum oxide is critical in assuring corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in the years to come.


A mil. Spec epoxy primer is then applied and, depending on the aircraft, an epoxy surfacer is applied to assure a perfectly smooth surface on which the base coat of paint is applied. To ensure that your paint finish has a “wet look” and to insure proper adhesion, 3-5 mils of a polyurethane base coat are applied.


Next, our design team lays out your personal paint scheme on your aircraft by hand. Prior to the colors being applied, a digital photo of the paint scheme and design is e-mailed to you for final approval. This is one of many steps we take to ensure that you get the exact look you want.


After final approval, the colors are applied with precision. At most refinishing centers your aircraft would be finished, but at Flex Aero the work has just begun. Our “standard paint job” includes many extras above the industry standard, including:


• Polishing of all bright work including things like hinges and locks.

• Clean and polish boots Meticulous detail process to insure neat crisp lines.

• Complete paint touch up kit provided to the customer experienced craftsmen who take great pride in their work and your happiness complete each of the above steps.

Interior Refurbishment


We do all of the interior including, headliner, window lines, lower sidewalls, and cabinetry that is in need of refurbishing, reconditioning, and restoring.


​All of the cabinets can be  reconditioned and resurfaced.
The headliner and lower side walls can be recovered and cosmetic flaws on window lines and plastics are repaired and painted, resulting in the flawless finish which is the Flex Aero Touch.


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